Lynn Geri

Fabricator of Worlds

“. . . an incredible poetic voice, heartbreaking and powerful, and definitely a WOW!”

Bacopa Review editor’s blog;
Editor in Chief
Mary Bast


I Submit

Such a useful practice

Ankhs & Roses

Our search for Truth and Beauty


Mother Earth to my mother; the good, bad, and the experience of being


Chapbooks with 13 or 14 poems.
Not too much, not too little, just the right amount of poetic nourishment.

We Search for Light

Book written on the day our next-door neighbor was murdered


I’m thinking about regeneration of the soul, appreciation for true self

Seeing Awe and Wonder

Seeing as a child sees, beyond comprehension

Romp in the Clover of Creation

A fun adventure on how the world works

In the Wings

These scrollbooks are ready to go, awaiting printing.

About Lynn

Skiffing (rough-dressing stone by knocking off the bumps)
Skirting (go around or past the edge) through her life
Lynn managed, by a beggar’s lot,
To live in many places on this earth,
To have known and loved interesting people,
To start writing after she reached her seventh decade.

Where to Find Lynn’s Books

Lynn’s books are sold exclusively by Village Books in Bellingham, Washington.
You can reach them at

Full Size Books – $14.95
Scrollbooks – $6.95